Turning on SAML SSO

Here's how to turn off Google SSO and turn on SAML SSO

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If you'd like your employees to use SAML SSO to access KYT, follow these steps below. (Note: You may need a hand from your IT Department to fill out the appropriate attributes 😀)

First, access Single Sign-On in the top-right hand navigation...

Click the "..." in the top right-hand corner of your KYT profile, and then click "Single Sign-on."

Second, select "Require SAML single sign-on"...

This will turn OFF the requirement for Google sign-on, as well.

Third, fill out the information to enable SAML SSO...

Here's what the form in KYT will look like to do this:

You'll want to work with your IT Department to gain the following info from your SAML Identity Provider (IDP):

  • Your identity provider URL

  • Content of your public certificate

  • Public fingerprint (this is optional, if sharing the certificate above).

After exchanging SAML IDP information, here are the next steps to set-up SAML SSO:

  1. Copy and paste the “Identity provider URL” and “Public Certificate” into our secure form.

  2. Copy the SSO URL and Audience/entity ID field (the disabled ones) and paste both into your SAML server.

  3. Map the attributes of email, first_name, and last_name.

🎊 That's it!

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