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Customizing Social Questions
Customizing Social Questions

Here's how to customize the Social Questions for your team.

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Add your team to KYT + start Social Questions

First, make sure you've added your team to Know Your Team and made sure your Social Questions are turned on by visiting the Social Questions page and click "Start using Social Questions" :

Click Check next questions" to change the next Social Questions:

Write any Social Question you'd like and then click "Save":

Keep in mind we give you 200+ Social Questions to choose from – that you can edit, adjust, and at any time:

Be sure to review your settings.

Then, review when the Social Questions will be sent out by clicking "change settings":

By default, we recommend sending them out once a week, on Friday mornings – but you can edit that however you'd like:

You're all set! Change + edit the questions at any time.

🎊 That's it! Your Social Question will be scheduled to be sent out to your entire team via email.

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