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Using Private Notes in One-on-ones
Using Private Notes in One-on-ones

Here's how to use Private Notes in One-on-ones.

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You have some private notes that you want to write to yourself, from a one-on-one meeting, about a direct report. Perhaps an insight you gained, or an observation that you want to keep an eye on.

To do so, use our Private Notes feature with our One-on-ones. Here's how...

Go to the One-on-Ones Meeting Tool.

You'll find it in the left-hand navigation bar....

Then, click on the person's name who you're having the meeting with...

During or after the one-on-one meeting, write Private Note.

You'll see there is a "Private Notes" section below the agenda...

Here, you can write a private note that only YOU will see, no one else, to keep in mind for future meetings...

Voila! That's it.

Here's where you can go visit ALL Private Notes for each direct report.

First, you'll want to click on the direct report's profile...

Then, you'll want to click on "Private Notes" to View all private notes for that direct report...

Now, you can get a sense of your insights + perspective on an employee high-level, over time.

Next step: Use the One-on-Ones Tool to prepare for your meeting

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