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Resending an Icebreaker
Resending an Icebreaker

Need to resend your Icebreaker to an employee? Here's how...

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The occasion might occur where you'll want to resend your Icebreaker. Perhaps a new employee didn't receive theirs yet, or you'd like to nudge several employees to fill out theirs πŸ˜€

Whatever your situation might be, here's how you can resent an Icebreaker:

First, you'll want to visit the "Icebreakers" page on the lefthand navigation toolbox....

Second, you'll want to click the "..." button to view more options and select "Invite people to answer..."

You can now resend the Icebreaker to whomever you'd like...

Feel free to search by name, or select people who haven't answered yet, or who answered a long time ago.

You can also select the type of message you'd like to send along with the Icebreaker...

For example, perhaps it's a "Nudge to answer" or a "Welcome message" that you'd like to accompany the Icebreaker.

Then, hit "Send"!

Your Icebreaker will be sent off πŸ“«

Ready to resend Icebreakers in your own team?

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