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Setting up the Icebreaker
Setting up the Icebreaker

Here's how to customize + send our Icebreakers.

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After creating your team, you'll want to customize + send the Icebreakers ❄️ Our Icebreakers are 5 - 10 fun, insightful questions that are the perfect way to kick-off Know Your Team and get everyone energized about using the tool.

Here's how to set-up and send your Icebreaker for your team...

First, customize the Icebreaker questions.

Our Icebreaker asks questions around two areas:

(1) "Fun Facts," light-hearted questions that help everyone else get to know each other. For example: "Where did you grow up?”

(2) "Work Preferences," insightful questions that reveal each person's working style. For example: "How you prefer to receive feedback?"

You'll want to make sure the Icebreaker questions are best suited for your team.

To do this, visit the "Icebreakers" page on the lefthand navigation toolbox:

Then, click, "Customize the questions here":

Then, you can edit, delete, or add new Icebreaker questions as you'd like:

Second, answer the Icebreaker, yourself.

We recommend answering the Icebreaker, yourself, first to show your team that it's something that you'll be actively participating in. Plus, it's fun for them to get to know you a little better πŸ˜€

Go back to the "Icebreakers" in the left-hand navigation:

Then click "Start using our Icebreakers":

Next, you'll click below where it says, "Answer your own Icebreaker":

It'll look like this when you (and your team members) answer the Icebreaker:

Finally: Add your team to KYT so they can participate.

After answering the Icebreaker yourself, you'll want to add your team so they can participate in the Icebreaker too.

Visit the "Home" page for your team:

Click on "Add/Remove" to add your team members:

Next, click on the big green button that says "Add team members":

Lastly: You'll type in the names of your team members...

The Icebreaker will be attached to the bottom of the welcome note you send via email. ✨ Tip: We highly recommend customizing this welcome note, so KYT feels like a genuine effort coming from you. Here are some examples of how to personally announce KYT to your team.

Here's an example of what the email to answer the Icebreaker will look like:

The email will be sent out within an hour or two of you inviting your team members to your team in KYT.

You're all set!

🎊 That's it! Your Icebreakers have been sent. You can visit "Icebreakers" or the "Home" page to start to see answers rolling in the next few days:

Ready to set-up the Icebreakers?

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