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How to login + create your team
How to login + create your team

Ready to start using KYT? Here's how...

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To get started with KYT, here are the steps you'll want to take...

#1: πŸ”‘ Log in to Know Your Team

Use your work email address and log into KYT here:

#2: 🏑 Create a new "Team"

Once you log in, you'll want to create a team for you and your direct reports by clicking the + next to "Teams":

You can also add a team from the "Teams" menu by:

  1. Clicking "Teams"

  2. Clicking the button "Create a new team" here:

You'll get taken to a screen where you'll enter your Team Name, and an optional team description if you'd like.

(You can also choose to make your team private – this means only you, members of your team, and the account owner(s) will be able to view your team's activity. For example, oftentimes a "Leadership Team" will be made private.)

To save your team, be sure to click the purple button, "Create team."

That's it! πŸ’« Now what?

Now that you've created your team, you'll want to kick off KYT with your direct reports...

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