Setting up Private Teams

Here's how to make certain teams "private" in KYT

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By default, we make Teams in KYT accessible to everyone in the organization to encourage transparency across the organization.

However, we understand that at times, you may want a private Team – where only the members can view and access it.

You can absolutely make a Team in KYT private. Here's how...

(1) Choose the team you want to be private in the left-hand drop-down menu

For example, this might be the "Leadership Team" that you want to make private.

(2) Select "Edit team name, privacy & timezone..."

You'll click the three dots on the right-hand side, which will reveal "Edit team name, privacy & timezone" as an option.

(3) Mark the team as "private"

Only the members of the team – and the account owner – will have access to the private team.

That's it! πŸ’«

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