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Disconnecting Google Calendar integration
Disconnecting Google Calendar integration

Here's how to disconnect your Google Calendar integration in KYT.

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If you'd prefer to cancel your Google integration with KYT, you can follow these steps...

How to cancel your Google Integration in KYT

(1) Visit the One-on-Ones Tool page in the left-hand navigation, and click on "Calendar settings..."

(2) Pick the Google Calendar app, so you can delete the integration:

(3) Click "Disconnect Google Calendar" to disconnect the Google Calendar Integration you have. ✨ NOTE: This will also delete all your one-on-one meetings on Google Calendar that you added through KYT. If you decide to re-add this Google Integration in the future, the one-on-one meeting events you have in KYT will be re-added.

That's it! You're all set🎊

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