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Deleting recurring one-on-one events
Deleting recurring one-on-one events

Here's how to delete recurring one-on-one meetings in KYT (and in your Google calendar).

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Needing to delete your recurring one-on-one meetings in KYT and/or in your Google Calendar? No problem! Here's how...

How to delete your recurring meetings in KYT

(1) Visit the One-on-Ones Tool page in the left-hand navigation, and click on the person who's meetings you want to delete:

(2) Click on "Change this..." to update the frequency of the one-on-one meetings:

(3) Click "Cancel future meetings..." to cancel future meetings with your team members. ✨ NOTE: If you're connected to Google Calendar, this will also delete all the recurring one-on-one meetings with that person in Google Calendar as well.

That's it! 💫

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