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Setting up the Culture Questions
Setting up the Culture Questions

Here's how to turn on + configure Culture Questions for your team.

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To start using Culture Questions with your team, it's super straightforward to set up.

Add your team to KYT

First, make sure you've added your team to Know Your Team. You'll also want to turn on our Slack integration if you happen to use Slack.

Turn on Culture Questions

After you've added your team you'll want to make sure your Culture Questions are turned on by visiting the Culture Questions page and click "Start using Culture Questions":

Review your settings

Then, review when the Culture Questions will be sent out by clicking "change settings":

By default, we recommend sending them out once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month – but you can edit that however you'd like:

On this settings page, if you use Slack, you can also select which Slack channel you'd like the Culture Question to be delivered.

Review your permissions

When a team member answers the Culture Question, they have an option to share their answer privately with only certain people – or the entire team. You can change who sees the private responses here in the Culture Question settings:

And then pick who you'd like to see the private answers:

You're all set! Change + edit the questions at any time.

🎊 That's it! Your first Culture Question will be scheduled to sent out to your entire team via email and/or Slack.

Keep in mind we give you 300+ Culture Questions to choose from – that you can edit, adjust, and at any time.

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: The more you customize your Culture Questions specific to your team and what they are facing, the more likely you'll receive insightful, actionable feedback.

Ready to use Culture Questions with your own team?

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