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Using Culture Questions

How our Culture Questions work + exactly what it looks like in action.

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We want to know the truth of how our team feels... But how do we get the truth?

Specific questions are our most underrated tool. Ask the right question, and you’ll learn that your team member doesn’t feel challenged by her work. Ask the wrong question, and you’ll hear the same employee tell you she enjoys her work.

Use our Culture Questions to ask the right question and unlock specific feedback. Every week or month, we'll ask a question that helps you get honest feedback and learn something you never knew before, as a leader.

Let's take a closer look...

Here's what the Culture Questions look like in action

When you and your team members receive the Culture Question (typically once a week or once a month), you'll get an email or Slack message that looks something like this:

When a team member clicks the green button to answer, it takes them to a screen that looks like this where they can fill out their response:

They have an option to share their answer with only the managers (or whoever you designate!) – or the entire team. You can change who sees the private responses here in the Culture Question settings:

After a few days, everyone will get an email (or Slack message) with a summary of the public responses. The private responses will only be shown to those you designated could view the private answers. It'll look something like this:

You'll also be able to see the answers in Know Your Team, and access them at any time:

You can change, edit, and write your own Culture Questions at any time. We automatically queue up and give you 300+ Culture Questions out-of-the-box – but you'll almost always get more incisive feedback from the team when you've written your own custom Culture Question, that's unique to your team 😀

In the off-chance that there is a response you'd prefer to remain private, instead of public, you can make the the response private in KYT at any time:

🎉 That's it!

These Culture Questions are an immensely useful way for you to collect feedback consistently – and on topics you normally wouldn't ask about.

Ready to use Culture Questions with your own team?

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