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Using our Icebreakers
Using our Icebreakers

How our Icebreaker works + exactly what it looks like in action.

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When we start working in a remote environment – especially as a new manager or if we're onboarding new team members – we want everyone to feel like they know each other.

It can be hard to do this well remotely or to do this in a non-cheesy way.

That’s exactly what our Icebreakers are for: We automatically ask non-cheesy team-building questions and insights into their work preferences to help break the ice in your team.

Let's take a closer look...

Here's what the Icebreaker looks like in action

When you add your team members to Know Your Team, they'll receive a welcome message with a prompt to answer the Icebreaker.

This message will be sent via email, or via Slack (if you turn on our Slack integration).

You can edit the welcome message at any time when you invite someone.

The Icebreaker, with the welcome message, will look something like this via email:

When your team members click the green button, they'll be taken to a screen that looks like this where they can fill out their response – and see who has answered so far too 😀.

In the Icebreaker, they'll be asked questions in two areas: (1) "Fun Facts," light-hearted questions that help everyone else get to know them:

And (2) "Work Preferences," insightful questions that reveal each person's working style:

A few days later, everyone in the team (including you!) will receive an email or Slack message with a summary of everyone's Icebreaker responses:

You and your team members can also view the Icebreakers in KYT, as they come in:

🎊 That's it!

With Icebreaker turned on, you'll automatically break the ice in your team every time you had someone to KYT – and help everyone feel more connected, especially remotely.

For new hires, the Icebreaker is an ideal tool. When you add a new hire to KYT, they'll automatically receive a prompt to answer the Icebreaker, and will receive everyone else's response too.

Ready to use the Icebreaker with your own team?

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