Setting up time zones

Have a team in multiple time zones? Here's how it set it all up in KYT.

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Know Your Team supports time zones on three different levels: Personal, Organization, Team...

Organization Time Zone

The organization time zone is used as the default time across the app. We use this to send emails or Slack messages for everyone in your organization. For example, if you are using our Culture Questions tool, when you set the time zone to CST and set the tool to send the question at 9 AM CST, every person in the organization will receive the question at 9 AM CST regardless of their personal setting for time zone.

Here's how you set your organization time zone:

Personal Time Zone

By default, every person will get the same time zone set for the organization, but oftentimes you might want to set a different time zone for different people. This is particularly helpful for distributed companies, or when someone is traveling. After changing your personal timezone, all the date/time-related information in the app will be displayed in your personal time zone.

Here's how you set your personal time zone:

Team Time Zone

If your organization has multiple teams and each team is physically located in a different place, you might want to set a different timezone for each team. The time zone you set for the team will take precedence of the organization's time zone and will be used for all the scheduled emails and Slack messages.

Here's how you set your team time zone:


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