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Setting up One-on-Ones
Setting up One-on-Ones

Ready to schedule your first one-on-one meeting with KYT? Details for how to set it up are all here.

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To start using our One-on-Ones Tool in KYT to hold effective one-on-one meetings, follow these simple steps...

Add your team to KYT

You'll want to add your team member(s) to KYT who you want to hold your one-on-one meetings with by clicking the big green button, "Invite people..." on the People page, or "Add your team now" on the One-on-Ones set up page:

Who should you add? If you're just starting to test KYT out, I might recommend inviting one or two direct reports who are close to you for your first one-on-one meeting through KYT.

However, for maximum benefit, most managers will add their entire team to KYT so they can begin holding one-on-one meetings with all their direct reports.

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: After inviting your team to KYT, I recommend making a separate personal announcement letting your direct report(s) know that you're looking to use KYT to help ensure one-on-ones don't feel like a waste of time for them.

Not ready to add your team yet?

No worries, you can still benefit from our Templates. Feel free to click "Preview our One-on-Ones Templates" instead:

You'll get taken to our Templates Library, where we give you multiple one-on-one agenda templates to cite, use, and put into practice:

We do recommend adding your team to KYT so you can directly use these templates, though, first hand.

Schedule your first one-on-one meeting

After you've added your team you'll want to make sure to schedule your first one-on-one meeting by visiting the One-on-ones page and clicking "Schedule your first meeting":

Then, you can pick the team member you'd like to hold the one-on-one meeting, the desired frequency, and timing:

How frequent should your one-on-one meetings be? It depends on the person's experience level (for example, junior employees will likely need more frequent one-on-ones than senior employees). The most common frequency, though, is once a week or once every 2 weeks. Read more in our Guide.

How long should your one-on-one meetings be? About 50% of leaders said that their one-on-ones lasted 30 minutes to 1 hour. Read more in our Guide.

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: I recommend hold one-on-one meetings for 1 hour long, every week, or every 2 weeks with each direct report. For one-on-ones with other team members (e.g., for skip level meetings), I recommend 1 hour every month or every quarter.

We also have a Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook integration that you can set up:

You're all set!

🎊 That's it! Your one-on-one meeting is scheduled:

After you schedule the meeting, you and your team member will receive a heads-up email (or Slack) notification that looks something like this:

You'll both also receive a reminder to prepare for the meeting a few days before the meeting, and notice 1 hour before the meeting begins. You can adjust your personal notification settings for One-on-Ones here.

Next step: Use the One-on-Ones Tool to prepare for your meeting

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: You can start writing + preparing for the agenda if you'd like! See a walkthrough of how to use our One-on-Ones Tool to prepare for your one-on-one meeting.

Ready to use the One-one-Ones with your own team?

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