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Using our Heartbeat Check-in
Using our Heartbeat Check-in

How our Heartbeat Check-in works + exactly what it looks like in action.

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Your daily stand-ups or weekly status meetings feel bloated and inefficient – but, you need a way to get regular status updates and keep your team on the same page.

What to do? This is where our Heartbeat Check-in comes in ❤️

The Heartbeat Check-in is a daily or weekly status update delivered via email or Slack that helps everyone on your team understand, "What's going on?"

Use our Heartbeat Check-in to automate status updates in your team. You’ll align everyone around progress easily and asynchronously, and save dozens of hours a month by streamlining (or replacing!) your daily stand-up meetings.

Let's take a closer look...

Here's what the Heartbeat Check-in looks like in action

When you and your team members receive the Heartbeat Check-in, you'll get an email – or Slack message –that looks something like this:

When you click the green button, it takes you to a screen that looks like this where you can fill out your response – and see who has answered so far too 😀:

The next day, everyone will get an email with a summary of the responses that are attached to the bottom of that day's question. It'll look something like this:

Or, if you have the Slack integration turned on, it'll look something like this:

You'll also be able to see the answers in Know Your Team:

And you can access and view all Heartbeats across time in KYT:

🎊 That's it!

With the Heartbeat Check-in turned on, your team will automatically get asynchronous status updates that are quick, easy, and unintrusive. It's the perfect way to align your team, without overburdening them with requests for status updates:

👉 My personal tip: Customize your Heartbeat Check-in

You can change, edit, and write your own Heartbeat Check-in at any time in our Heartbeat settings:

We also give you recommended Heartbeat Check-in questions to choose from:

Ready to use the Heartbeat Check-in with your own team?

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