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Setting up the Heartbeat Check-in
Setting up the Heartbeat Check-in

Details for how to turn on + configure the Heartbeat Check-in are here.

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To start using the Heartbeat Check-in to align your team, you'll want to follow these simple steps...

Add your team to KYT

First, make sure you've added your team to Know Your Team. You'll also want to turn on our Slack integration if you happen to use Slack.

Turn on the Heartbeat Check-in

After you've added your team you'll want to make sure your Heartbeat Check-ins are turned on by visiting the Heartbeats page and click "Start using Heartbeats":

Review your settings

Then, review when the Heartbeats will be sent out by clicking "Change settings":

By default, we send the Heartbeat out once a week on Monday mornings – but you can edit that however you'd like.

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: What we, in fact, do internally here at the KYT team is set the Heartbeat to be asked every day as an asynchronous daily check-in. Here's our settings page here:

On this settings page, you can also select which Slack channel you'd like the Heartbeat Check-in to be delivered:

You're all set!

🎊 That's it! Your Heartbeat Check-ins are scheduled to sent out to your entire team via email and/or Slack. If you ever change your mind or want to mix things up, you can edit or choose a different Heartbeat at any time.

Over time, you'll be able to see all the Heartbeats in your team to help ensure alignment:

Ready to use the Heartbeat Check-in with your own team?

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