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Adding people to Know Your Team
Adding people to Know Your Team

Here's how to invite your team members to Know Your Team

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When you add your team to KYT, they can start benefitting from engaging with all the tools and resources– from Icebreakers to Shout-outs. If you were curious, here's what employees in KYT are able to see and access.

To add your employees, it's super simple πŸ˜€

How to add people to KYT

First, you'll click on the "People" link in the lefthand navigation bar:

Then, click on the big green button "Invite people":

Enter the person's details

On the "Invite new people" screen, you'll want to enter the person's email address, name, and job title:

You can add folks from a CSV or import them from Google Contacts if you'd like.

πŸ‘‹ If you ever need a hand adding your team, just email us at, and we'd be happy to add your team to your account for you.

Choose the person's level of access

You'll also want to choose their "KYT Access" – as an employee, manager, or admin. Here's a rundown of each role:

  • As a "Manager" in KYT, you benefit from ALL our leadership tools + resources and are able to administer them with your team.

  • As an "Admin" in KYT, you're able to edit settings + help administer KYT (e.g., adding employees, accessing billing).

  • As an "Employee" in KYT, you're able to participate in all the tools (but not run or administer them).

If you have multiple teams in KYT, then you'll also want to choose which team the team member should be a part of. You

You'll want to edit the welcome message:

This is a critical step, as it's important for you to introduce KYT to your team in a way that feels personal and genuine. Otherwise, your team will be quick to disregard KYT as just "another app" versus an authentic effort by you to encourage team connection.

If you have your Icebreaker turned on, then everyone on your team will receive the Icebreaker as a light-hearted way to get to know each other.

πŸ‘‰ My personal tip: I highly recommend keeping the Icebreakers turned on, as it's an excellent way for folks to find unlikely connections with one another – and it's a fun way to kick things off.

Then, send!

That's it πŸŽ‰ Your invite will be sent.

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