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Sharing your one-on-ones with other managers
Sharing your one-on-ones with other managers

Looking to share your one-on-one meeting notes or agendas with other managers in your organization? Here's how.

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By default, one-on-one meetings in KYT are always private between the manager and the employee. This policy is in place to foster trust, allowing employees to speak freely without worrying about others reading their conversations.

However, as the meeting host, you have the flexibility to share these meetings on a case-by-case basis or opt to share all future meetings with another manager.

Sharing a meeting with another person

To share a meeting with another manager, the manager hosting the meeting can scroll to the bottom of any meeting page to find a share section. When sharing, you can choose to include the meeting outline and your private notes. Once shared, the recipient will get a notification with a link to the meeting and private notes, which will also appear on the employee and the manager's timeline.

For recurring meetings, the host has the option to share all future meetings in the series. To share past meetings, you'll need to navigate back to the desired meeting and follow the same sharing process. For past meetings, you can only share one at a time.

And then select the desired options to share private notes or not, and to share just this one particular meeting or keep sharing all future meetings.

What happens after you share the meeting?

After you share the meeting, the person will be notified via email/Slack and displayed as notification on your Home screen. The meetings shared will also be visible from the person's timeline.

For example: Let's assume a manager called Victor had a 1-on-1 with an employee (Angela) and shared a meeting with another manager (Jennifer). Jennifer now can see the meeting in her own timeline but also under Victor's and Angela as well.

Here's how the timeline will look like:

And here's how the outline/takeaways and private notes from the meeting will look like to the person who the meeting got shared with:

Read more about using One-on-Ones here:

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