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Getting started with KYT
πŸ‘‹ New to KYT? Start here.
πŸ‘‹ New to KYT? Start here.

Here's our recommended path for getting to know KYT better.

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Howdy! Welcome to Know Your Team – a simple software tool that will help you as a manager get to know your team better.
To get started, below are some recommendations for a path to take...

  • πŸ‘‹ Get yourself acquainted. You'll want to watch our onboarding video here below.

Last thing: πŸ’ͺ Support your other managers with KYT. If you have other managers in your organization who are keen to have a framework for running 1:1 meetings, building trust, and more – KYT is for them too :-) You'll want to use our "Teams" feature for this. You can create a new team here and add the other managers as a "Manager" of that team, so they can use the Icebreaker, Social Questions, and One-on-Ones Tool with their own direct reports. Now, your managers in your entire organization can benefit from a learning path + leadership tools that are consistent.

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