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An introduction to using "Teams"
An introduction to using "Teams"

Here's why you may want to consider using "Teams" to run KYT with multiple teams and managers in a single account...

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Possibly one of the most frequent things I’d hear from managers who use Know Your Team is:

“I would love to use Know Your Team with multiple teams in my organization… What’s the best way to do that?”

We have the perfect answer for you.

Introducing “Teams” – the easiest way to have multiple teams using Know Your Team.

This means, across teams, more of your fellow managers can hold one-on-one meetings, get status updates, build team rapport, and more. It's the best way to support your managers and ensure they have a consistent methodology to benefit from.

Let’s take a closer look…

Here’s a peek at a sample organization called “Honcho Design” that has multiple teams in Know Your Team:

You can see they’ve got an organization called “Honcho Design”, where they can turn on our KYT tools organization-wide. For example, you can use our Icebreaker, to help everyone get to know each other and onboard new hires, across the organization. They also can use our Social Question organization-wide, so that everyone feels more connected as they work remotely:

Then, you’ll notice each of Honcho Design’s teams has a separate “Team” within Know Your Team – Design Team, Sales, Team, Engineering Team etc. As a manager, you can switch between the teams you’re a part of at any time:

Within a team, each manager can use all our tools – specific just to that team. For example, each manager can use our One-on-Ones Tool. But with “Teams,” managers can now also use our tools across different teams: So the VP of Engineering can hold peer one-on-one meetings using our One-on-Ones Tool with the VP of Design, and also hold skip-level meetings with other direct reports:

Within each team, a manager can also use our Heartbeat Check-in – a daily or weekly status update that’s shared with everyone in the team. The Heartbeat Check-in integrates with Slack too, so it’s easy to stay in-the-know and aligned on what everyone in each team is working on:

Ready to see this live with your teams – and not just “Honcho Design”? Now is an ideal time to try KYT with several (or all!) of your teams.

Then, you'll want to make sure you add the corresponding manager to that team.

Here are a few other resources to get the most out of "Teams":

Excited for you and more of your team to benefit from KYT 😄

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